Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Leg behind head month

This is turning into LBH month. Leg behind head poses are popping up all over Vinyasa Krama, in pretty much every sequence. This morning I practiced the 'On your feet' and 'On one leg' sequences and Durvasana, the LBH while standing on one leg asana came up. I'd tried this last week but didn't think I had a hope, but after all the LBH work this week, in the other sequences, I managed to stand up and at least begin to straighten. Just managed to get my hands together in Namaste before I lost it. Balance is a problem, my leg was further over my shoulder before I began losing balance and hopping about, if I can improve my balance I should be able to come up at least a little straighter.

Had about five goes and this picture is of the best one (at least I'm facing the camera and haven't hopped off the mat). Despite all those attempts I don't feel strained in the least. Advanced A is infested with LBH so good to start improving this facility sooner rather than later. Besides I love this asana. one of the VERY cool poses and it would be nice to be able to do it well, stand up straight as you like with an air of nonchalance while waiting at the till to buy some sugar in Waitrose.

Tomorrow is Bow sequence including Kapo and lots of backbends, perhaps it makes sense having LBH on one day and backbends on another.

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