Friday, 12 June 2009

Mula bandha '....helps to pull the pelvis off the hip joint'

I keep talking about the hips and pelvis together but noticed Ramaswami as saying that Mula bandha '....helps to pull the pelvis off the hip joint' (Yoga beneath the surface). I remember too that Lydia from her 'Being with Yoga' blog talks about the 'pelvis in space'. What is it to focus on the pelvis rather than the hips, does this make a difference, is this helpful?

Here's another quote from Ramaswami

"... Now in the same pose (pasmasana), after a complete exhalation, if you contract the glutei (rectum), and pull up the pelvic floor, you will be doing Mula bandha. Then, if in a continuous motion, you draw the abdomen inward and backward, you have the two bandhas, mula and uddiyana. by raising the pelvic floor in mula bandha, you are able to pull up the hip joint from inside. With the hip joint freed, it becomes, it becomes easier to keep the back erect and do jalahandra bandha by stretching the cervical spine." (p148)
Yoga beneath the surface.
Srivatsa Ramaswami

Friday, so Primary series today. I spent the whole practice with my head up my own.... well pelvis. I tried to focus on Mula bandha throughout, but where is it exactly. Everyone seems to have a different view on what and where Mula bandha is, focus on tightening your rectum, fix your attention on your perineum or on the pelvic floor muscles. Try to bring your pubic bone and your tailbone together, or is it bring your sit bones together. Basically, throughout the practice I shifted my attention all over the shop, from one of the above to the other.

Did it make a difference? Well yes actually, perhaps it's just a case of having your attention fixed on the pelvic area rather than on the hip bones but I did seem to be getting more lift. My press to handstand was the best yet as was the lowering back down after jumping back to standing from Down dog. I pulled half a handstand in Navasana and while I didn't notice much difference in my jump back I certainly noticed something in my Jump through, much more controlled. At the end of my practice I couldn't resist it and just before headstand I threw in Karandavasana. Focussed on my perineum and activating every muscle and it's brother in the pelvic area, lots ofUddiyana too and up I went. And that was the first time I'd raised the wiley duck in about a month. Still a bit squished and lacking in grace, but that duck flew

So I'm going to go with Pascal here and act as if there is something to the whole mula bandha deal even if it's nothing more than the fixing of attention in a more effective place for beginning the lift.

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