Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Struggling on to the mat

Bit of a struggle getting on the mat this morning. Woke up a little later than usual and hate practicing when I feel rushed. Also, I'd planned on practicing the Vinyasa Krama Asymmetrical seated sequence this morning. Seems harder to motivate yourself for something your not so familiar with. In the end I forced myself to think no further ahead than the Sury's and and after that a three breath standing sequence by which time I was relaxed and ready for the new sequence.

This was the second time I'd done this one and most of the poses are already familiar from Primary and Intermediate, although there are some Advanced A and B asana in there too. It flowed more easily this time with only the occasional glance at the book.
It includes
Marichiyasana A-F
Ardha Matsyendrasana (half kingfisher)
the Ardha Padmasana asanas
Maha mudra
Arkarna Danurasana (archer)
Kraunchasana (heron)
Ekapada Sirasana (including Dakshina Bhairavasana and chakorasana)
Triyan Murkha ekapadasana (leg bent back sequence)
Half lotus marichiyasanas eyc
Bharadwajasana (love this asana)

After all the half lotus work I couldn't resist throwing in a Karandavasana at the end. Came down with much more control and managed to go back up again, though with my face still mashed into the mat, but it's coming. Nice practice in the end.

While I was practicing I was thinking what a masterful weaving of asana primary is. I know it gets criticised for too much focus on forward bend but if you think of it's hip opening aspect it's marvelous. But why oh why doesn't it lead right in to leg behind head instead of having to wait until 2nd series, and even then only after backbends. Made more sense I guess when both were taught together, doesn't Tim Miller or somebody still do that?

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