Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Vinyasa Krama . Part of one legged sequence, Standing Marichiyasana

From Sundays first attempt at Ramaswami's one legged standing sequence. A one legged standing version of Marichiyasana A

Didn't expect so much from this sequence at first but its challenging. Lots of squatting involved which is bloody hard. Utthita hasta pangusthasana's for instance. Lots of tree pose variations and squatting versions of them, squatting half lotus etc. Then there's the Marichiyasana and a warrior pose sequence and finishing off with a standing leg behind head sequence, ruddy squatting in that too. Managed to get my leg behind but had to lean up against the wall to stop myself falling over. Forward bending LBH was OK, but squatting? Forgetaba.

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