Sunday, 30 August 2009

Vinyasa Krama's Maha Mudra

In my last post I mentioned some poses from Ramaswami's Vinyasa Krama that are perhaps less familiar to some. This one, Maha mudra, is, as the name implies a mudra rather than an actual asana.

In my understanding of Vinyasa Krama, you can stay in Maha Mudra for the usual three to six breaths as part of the Aysmmetric seated vinyasa sequence or, at the end of the practice and as a lead into Pranayama, you can stay for a 'considerable' time. I aim to stay for around five minutes each side, about ten breaths at a 5:5:5:5 ratio (that's a count of five as you inhale, hold the breath for another five, five as you exhale and five more as you hold the exhale and engage the bandhas. I'm working up to 10:5:10:5 )
This video is part of the latter and has the extended inhale and exhale with breath retention. While holding the exhale you engage mula and uddiyana bandhas, jalahandra bandha is engaged throughout.
By the way, the right foot is placed alongside the thigh the heel pressed into the perineum

Lots to add on this as it's a key pose and my favourite at the moment, very very intense. Will come back to it later.

This was bothering me in the bath just now and had to check. As I suspected in the video I'm holding my left big toe with the first two fingers and thumb of the RIGHT hand with my left hand on top, it should be the other way around. Sorry, my mistake.

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