Friday, 11 September 2009

Ashtanga Intermediate Vinyasa Krama style

I've called this post Ashtanga Intermediate Vinyasa Krama style, but in light of the last post perhaps I should be calling it Ashtanga Intermediate, Ashtanga style. Most of what I took to characterize Vinyasa Krama relates just as well to Ashtanga as presented in Yoga Mala. The only way it seems to differ is that Ashtanga is a fixed system and Vinyasa Krama a flexible one.

Anyway, this morning I practiced my first Intermediate in a month. The plan was to approach it the same way I approached Thursdays Primary, with particular attention on the breath and bandhas throughout.

As with Thursday's Primary it came out at 90 minutes, half an hour longer than usual. While I loved the slow, steady breathing in Primary it was not exactly something I was looking forward to in 2nd. There are a lot of poses in Intermediate that your really don't look forward to staying in any longer than necessary, it will take some getting used to.

Primary had been fine on Tuesday, perhaps some loss of fitness but not of flexibility. Intermediate was less forgiving of the month off. I found it hard to stay bound on the left side of Pasasana and while Kapo was one of my best ever I wasn't able to come back up from Kapo B. ( though I'd been comfortably able to come up from Laghu V ). My pincha was unsteady and it took me two tries to land Karnadavasana, I wasn't even close to going back up. My right finger kept slipping off in my solo Supta Vaj and I couldn't land my Bakasana B. The Sirasanas were strong though, which I'd expected as I'd been doing a lot of LBH work in VK. Everything else was pretty much the same as usual, slipping out of Mayurasana and dropping my toe as I rolled over in SUPV.

It was a lot less sweaty than usual, breath stayed more regular and overall I enjoyed it, a slower paced 2nd seems to appeal to me.

The plan now is to practice Intermediate twice a week and likewise Primary, plus three days of Vinyasa Krama. I cover most of the Seated and Asymmetric seated sequences in those two Ashtanga series along with Bow sequence. The the VK days I'll focus on the Inverted, Supine and Lotus sequences along with the standing sequences as warm ups. That way I can keep exploring VK and learning the sub-routines.

Tomorrow I'll practice a long, slow Primary again as it looks like I'm making my third ever visit to a shala on Sunday, first time in over a year and my Primary is rusty to say the least.

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