Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Vinyasa Krama Hands locked behind back sub-routine leading to drop back

The 'hands locked behind the back' sub-routine is part of the 'On your feet' Vinyasa Krama sequence. In the book the sub-routine comes early, before the forward bends (after the hasta variations in mention in this post http://grimmly2007.blogspot.com/2009/08/vinyasa-krama-hasta-variations.html ) but I like to do it at the end of my standing forwards bends and lead it into a drop back. This is before my first Sury of the day. After the drop back I do some complete forward bends stretching up and back as far as I can and then folding over. This leads into my long Uttansana and then finally the Surynamaskaras.

I like how the hand positions give you support as you bend back. I never used to be able to hang back for more than a few seconds because I wasn't able to take a breath, this routine has helped me overcome that. I think it's helping with my Kapotasana too,

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