Monday, 7 September 2009

Vinyasa Krama Lotus Sequence, favourite asanas

The lotus sequence is quickly becoming my favourite. For one thing it has a bit of everything, twists, backbends, shoulder stands, headstands, for another, it has five of my favourite new asanas from Vinysas Krama.

Here they are in order of preference.

5. Padma Mayurasana

This would probably be my second favourite if I could get my lotus up higher or at even a bit straighter. Was disappointed when I saw the picture, it felt better than this.

Thought it was better today, but not that much when I see them next to each other.

4. Padma Pratikriya
Likewise this one, which again feels great when your doing it and felt much more horizontal that in the picture. Checking the name I've just notice the hand position and mine are all wrong, I've still got them in Shoulder stand position and this is stopping me lowering my lotus any further. In the book the hands are turned outwards with the fingers coming around the side. Come to think of it I think Steve made a point of this in one of our lessons.

Had a bit more success today.

3. Supta Padmasana

This just feels great. You can't see in the picture but my hands are linked palms facing outwards.

2. Padma bhujangasana (Lotus Cobra pose)

Think I was told that this was Krishnamachaya's favourite asana. Another wonderful stretch, why does it feel so good to stretch in Lotus.

1. Bhadrasana (peaceful or auspicious pose )

Love this so much that I've added it to my daily fixed practice and do it everyday before Pranayama. The hands can be further up the thigh or closer to the knee. Gives a really nice stretch to the back and is great for practicing all three bandhas.

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