Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Better Supine Sequence

Much better Supine sequence this morning. I started earlier, closer to my usual time. Also, I decided to do just five, straightforward, dropbacks after the urdhava Danurasana, in the middle of the sequence, without any experimentation. That left me to concentrate on the series without looking ahead. I was more familiar with the sequence and only needed a couple of quick glances over at the book and was much more able to focus on the breath.

Given that it's a long series the only standing I did was a quick Tadasana subroutine and a few Sury's with mantras (Post and video to come on this). This sequence starts easy so it kind of includes it's own all round Supine warm up. You can use the first part of the series in place of Standing and the long shoulderstand section at the end as finishing, thus despite being a long series it can fit into your usual schedule.

I really like these first couple of postures Tatakamudra which means 'pond gesture', it's called that because the intense uddiyana looks like a pond, I'm pond life.

Another surprise was the leg and arm raises. These come after Desk pose. The Desk pose subroutine ends with Urdhava Dnaurasana and it's here I stick in my dropbacks. I thought about skipping the arm and leg raises, they feel a bit like gym rather than yoga (whatever that means, don't want to think about it). As it happens they are perfect counter poses to backbends.

The asanas aren't so dramatic in this series so you can really focus on the breath, those long exhales and engaging of bandhas,. It sets you up nicely for your Pranayama session. I did a comfortable 40 minutes Pranayama, felt relaxed throughout, followed that with twenty minutes chanting, half an hour meditation then moved on to Cake.

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