Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Something has to go. Vinyasa Krama 200 hr TT course

The credit card bill has come through for the course and something has to go. But what? Stupidly I made the mistake of playing one of my saxophones that I'd already listed on ebay. I love this Saxophone.

It's a Buesher Super 400, Johnny Hodges played a Buesher similar to this one. That's him playing over the slide show below, first video I ever posted on Youtube. The pictures are form a trip I made to New York for the purpose of buying a saxophone (that sax was stollen in a burglary and it was in an attempt to deal with it that I took up Ashtanga).

I have my King super 20 Alto listed at the same time but am having second thoughts. This Sax came from a club in New Orleans. They'd painted it pink, drilled a couple of holes through the body and stuck it on the wall. It's one of thegreatest saxophones ever made and they had it on a wall! Took me forever to get all that pink paint off.

Here it is in it's pink state before I restored it.

Or perhaps I should sell my 1936 Conn Ladyface tenor... NEVER!

Surely not the Super 20 tenor, best tenor saxophone
I've ever blown

What about my King Super 20 Baritone, a beast of a horn that was rescued from the New Orleans floods. I spent a week cleaning this, in fact I think the picture of it was taken in the bath. Hardly seems right to sell it.

That leaves the Grafton, the rare white acrylic saxophone that was an absolute nightmare to restore. Still waiting for a replacement guard. I'd always figured on putting it in pride of place if I ever opened my own Repair shop.

But which to sell, it's heartbreaking. If anyone makes a crack about non attachment.......

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