Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vinyasa Krama Supine Sequence

Supine sequence. I'm yet to love this sequence. It's longer than the others so I need to practice it on a day when I have a little more time, a Sunday or a Tuesday. but those are my favourite days to practice and this is my least favorite sequence.

It's not a particularly difficult sequence, though can be hard work, I always ache after practicing it. It revolves around some pelvic floor poses, legs to chest that kind of thing, then a lot of desk pose variations. This is why I wanted to do it this week. In Dwipadapitam (desk pose) your working a lot on lifting the hips. I thought that would help with what I'm working on with the drop back, getting those hips forward and up.

: ) just checked the Birthday cake I'm making and it's rising nicely.

Anyway the desk poses lead into Urdhva Danurasana and I've added the drop backs after that. This doesn't really work, it's OK for this week but they don't really fit there, especially as I'm doing so much experimentation, it's like stepping off the mat and checking the cricket scores or something and then coming back to the practice, doesn't work, distracting. I wanted to focus on Pranayama this holiday and backbends have somehow taken over. Still doing the pranayama but it's not as focused as it was at the beginning of the week, a lesson there.

Mmmm, can smell CAKE all of a sudden.

After UD its leg and arm raises which is kind of a forward bend, I guess, so works as a counter pose but I'm too used to UD coming at the end of the practice, disorientating. Next is some supine leg behind head and then yoganidrasana. Had forgotten these were in there, haven't done any LBH work for about three weeks, had to chuck in a couple of extra prep poses. This usually leads into a long Shoulder stand subroutine but I'm kind of putting that section with the headstand subroutine, kind of keeping the inversions together in the Inverted sequence, kind of feels the Supine series just trails off, need to think about this.

It might also be that it's because I'm starting a new sequence that I haven't practiced for a while and have to keep stopping to look at the book, might be better towards the end of the week. Better I do this now than when I'm back at work.

One nice thing I did do today was to make a slide show of the Vinyasa Krama Sun salutation with mantra sequence. This is a little different from what were used to in Ashtanga, a couple of extra steps, including laying flat on the mat with the arms outstretched. Plus at the end of each stage you retain the inhale/exhale and recite a short mantra in your head. I've played with it a little but this was the first time I could really focus. I timed everything out on the slide show and added the mantra from the Vinyasa Krama home page chanting section so I could practice along, reciting the mantra in my head with the recording.

hmm this post is kind of trailing off like the Supine sequence.............

Something almost agonizing about the smell of cake emanating from the oven, surely it's ready...

Drop backs were OK, still think I'm on the right track with the forward and up through the hips think but don't want to over do it, it'll come. Besides only a couple of days left of this holiday and i don't want it to take over the rest of the week.

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