Thursday, 25 November 2010

Vinyasa krama, my 3rd series.

Just came up with a nice way to square the circle re Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga.

What if I think of Vinyasa Krama as my 3rd series. In Ashtanga, when moving on to 2nd, you still practice Primary on Friday and on moving to 3rd you practice Primary Friday, rest Saturday, practice 2nd on Sunday and then 3rd the rest of the week. Once a week is supposedly enough to keep the previous two series ticking along nicely, so how about I do the same but practice Vinyasa Krama the rest of the week in place of 3rd.

Feels like a neat, angst free solution (enough angst about the cricket).

So this morning I practiced Vinyasa Krama built around the Bow sequence. It's a backbend sequence so I emphasised those aspects in the tadasana sequence that started my practice and included dropbacks. I simplified Bow sequence a little but kept the Viparita Salabhasana and Garbha Bherundasana and extended the theme a little into Eka pada raja kapotasana, Ustrasana, Laghu and Kapo. I used the long five minute Paschimottanasana as a counter pose then went into the shoulderstand prep and long inversions with their variations ( Viparita andEka pada viparita dandasanas in Shoulderstand). Finished with Maha mudra, Badha konasana and Badha padmasana/Yoga mudra before 108 kapalbhati, twenty minutes of nadi shodana pranayama with the pranayama mantra on the inhaled retention, five minutes pratyahara (shanmukhi mudra) and three times round the mala for japa mantra meditation

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