Saturday, 22 January 2011

Vinyasa Krama Sequences home practice sheets and posters

This week I'm working on turning my Vinyasa Krama videos into practice sheets and posters.

Not much interest to the Ashtangi's amongst your perhaps, although I personally found it interestin,g and helpful, finding a posture in Ashtanga that I was struggling with and then looking at the poses in Vinyasa krama that prepare for it EG. Archer and Heron pose as prep for Leg behind head postures in the Asymmetric sequence.

Perhaps it's because I came to Vinyasa Krama from Ashtanga but I'm used to using these kind of sheets as reminders of the sequence, think Mathew Sweeney orDavid Swenson and and the short and full sequences at the back of his book. I think Ramaswami mentioned that it was something he had hoped to do in future editions of his Complete book of vinyasa Yoga but that it never came about. These are no substitute for his book of course, more like 'cheat' sheets for home practice.

So far I've made up the On your feet/tadasana ( picture is of the shorter 10 minute version), Asymmetric and Seated sequences, I hope to have the rest made up by the end of the weekend. Links are below and I'll add the others to this post when they're ready as well as to the VK page at the top of this blog. If you click on the image it should blow it up and be printable. If you think you'll find them useful then feel free to use them as you wish.

The quality isn't that great and some of them don't tally up exactly with the book, I recorded most of the video's before I attended Ramaswami's TT course, hopefully I'll get to improve on them in the future, I just wanted something to be going on for my own practice and that would also serve as a starting point for something better in the future perhaps by somebody more competent and capable than myself.

I welcome suggestions, I'm thinking of making up a set of subroutines as well as Beginner and Intermediate versions of the Sequences, perhaps some sample practice routines as well. If anyone knows how I can set up a downloadable PDF file on this blog with all of them together as a set please let me know.

The Ten major Vinyasa Krama Sequences

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