Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Injury Watch: Modified Ashtanga 2nd series

Got away with a Vinyasa Krama modified Intermediate this morning. (Reminder: Back injury/strain above right hip that's hindering forward bends).

The Vinyasa Krama Sun salutation has a squat after the forward bend before kicking the legs back onto chaturanga so in my Ashtanga Sury's I went for a very shallow forward bend, all hips, 'till my fingertips touched the mat then squatted and carried on through and then doing the same in reverse for the exit.

Side bends are not problem and the prasaritas are all hips anyway. In UHP I just took my leg higher so less of a bend forward. Ardha baddha Padmottanasana is my secret weapon, the arm wrapped around my back allows me to bend all the way forward and comeback up again without putting any strain on my back.

Pasasana was OK just but I still a little stiff and approached it with a lot of caution seems OK, same with Krounchasana.

Took a detour through the Vinyasa krama Bow sequence as it's a nice gentle build up to Ustrasana, Laghu and Kapo, 'though it includes Viparita Salabhasana and Gandha B but for some reason backbends feel fine, Kapo was nice and deep.

Carried on through 2nd to Ardha matsyendrasana then cut out all the 'Leg behind head' and tittibhasana poses. Instead I took another Vinyasa Krama detour through some Asymmetric poses, maha mudra and ardha badha padma paschimottanasana vinyasa then added a long baddha konasana and some Kandapindasana work to make up for the missed LBH hip openers.

Karanda was fine, mayurasana fine and one of my best ever Vatyasana's very straight stable and tall in the pose, go figure.

Again side bends are fine so no problem with Parighasana

Missed out on Supta urdhava pada vajrasana, probably would have been OK with the arm bind for support but decided to be cautious, was a bit sweaty and didn't want to risk losing my grip on my toe and lose the supportive bind at the wrong moment.

Seven deadlies (headstands) were no problem, nor were the dropbacks, in fact finishing is OK, inverted forward bends seem fine although halasana and karna pindasana aren't as deep as usual.

Then of course Pranayama and Meditation which I appreciate even more because they're unaffected by injuries although I suppose a simple cold will play havoc with your pranayama.

So a nice practice, no real problems, easy to modify where necessary and just felt like a pretty regular Intermediate think I'll stick with it for now with just a modified Primary on Friday.

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