Friday, 18 February 2011

Injury watch : Vinyasa krama modified Friday Primary

So I practiced of course, if only to get some mobility in my back. Bit of a challenge to avoid forward bends in Primary but I came up with something that seemed to work.

Sury's and Standing was the same as for this weeks intermediate.

The Vinyasa Krama Sun salutation has a squat after the forward bend before kicking the legs back onto chaturanga so in my Ashtanga Sury's I went for a very shallow forward bend, all hips, 'till my fingertips touched the mat then squatted and carried on through and then doing the same in reverse for the exit.

Side bends are not problem and the prasaritas are all hips anyway. In UHP I just took my leg higher so less of a bend forward. Ardha baddha Padmottanasana is my secret weapon, the arm wrapped around my back allows me to bend all the way forward and comeback up again without putting any strain on my back.

For seated I was reminded of the Vinyasa Krama maha mudra key posture. This is like Janusirsasana A except you don't bend forward. You grab your toe with both hands lift up out of your pelvis, engage full Jalandhara bandha and then breathe fully, long exhales, Full Moola and Uddiyana bandhas. I figured if I could do that for Janu A then I could do it for all the other seated Asymmetric postures in Primary in place of the forward bend, jump backs in between as usual ( I tend to add Viranchyasana B into my Primary after Janu C as an extension of the Janu's - the pics are all out of order btw standard Primary order applies).

Mari's were the same as usual just skipping the forward bends and doing the vinyasa Krama twist variation of Mari A and B.

I missed out Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana but did extra work on baddha konasana including Kandapindasana. In Upavistha I went for the side bend variation in place of the forward bend.

Carried on as usual through to finishing which was the same as for this weeks Modified Intermediate.

So again, slightly modified but had the same shape and feel as a regular Friday Primary.

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