Friday, 18 March 2011

Morning practice

Friday 11th
Ashtanga Primary

Saturday 12th
*Vinyasa Krama core asana + Chanting yoga Sutras

Vinyasa Krama Tadasana Sequence + 40 min meditation with M.

*Vinyasa Krama Asymmetric sequence

Tuesday 15th
*Vinyasa Krama Bow and meditative sequence focus

Wednesday 16th
*Vinyasa krama Asymmetric and seated sequence focus

Thursaday 17th
*Vinyasa krama Bow and meditative sequence focus

Friday 18th
Ashtanga Primary

Tomorrow Saturday 19th ?
Ashtanga 2nd, Supermoon can kiss my asana

*When I refer to my personal Vinyasa Krama practice it tends to involve 30 min. Vinyasa Krama Standing sequences( Tadasana, Triangle, On one leg subroutines), approx 60 min. of whatever the main sequence focus is for that day, 20 min. Inversions plus some Lotus subroutines followed by 20 mins or so of Pranayama, a few minutes Pratyahara and Dharana (usually japa mantra but this week some longer chanting).

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