Sunday, 10 April 2011

Practicing Ashtanga with one hand tied behind your back

Well not exactly but it made for a snappy title and reminded me of one of my older posts 'How to do a jump back blindfolded'. As mentioned in my previous post, I injured my hand shoving a screwdriver in it at work and assumed I'd be out of Ashtanga action for a couple of weeks. This was OK, a chance to explore Vinyasa Krama options. However, don't know what it is, something to do with the come rain come shine, six day a week practice that makes us stubborn perhaps but I ended up practicing Primary anyway, this morning.

The problem of course is that with said injured hand and not being able to put weight on it, how does one approach the Sury's and jump backs let alone some of the other postures that involve some form of arm balance.

One solution is using the forearms and that's what got me through this mornings practice, forearms in the Sury's, a forearm jump back ( little proud of that one ), and a forearm urdhva Danurasana. A forearm kukkutasana didn't work so well, some lift but not very elegant plus there was a forearm version of Bhuja pidasana which turned out more like a forearm tittbhasana. I couldn't think of anything for utpluthi but otherwise made it through the series OK, the one handed dropback was interesting.

All these pictures and videos are taken with my new Samsung galaxy S, loving the phone but will need to get something with a black and white option before the weather gets much hotter. Still, nice to have a little colour for a change, Spring and all that.

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