Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Holiday practice

I have a weeks holiday. M is sending me off to Wales to a little hotel with a pool by the sea., just about to leave might get to Practice on the beach perhaps, always fancied that.

The plan is to take the week to review all the Vinyasa Krama sequences, haven't practiced them as they are in Ramaswami's book for a quite a while, looking forward to it. I get to have a long three hour practice on my day off but be nice to indulge in that daily for a bit. Long long stays in postures, excited.

On Ramaswami's course we built up to forty minute pranayama sessions, I do that on my day off but the rest of the week I split it between my morning and evening practice. Looking forward to doing the full eighty rounds both in the morning and evening while I'm away.

And meditation of course lots of meditation.

Yoga sutra's are coming with me, be nice to chant through them again (there's a lot of beach so can chant them as loud as I like), thinking about doing that everyday, don't chant as much as I'd like to, tends to be the first thing I cut back on, though I tend to be chanting away at my bench while doing repairs.

My Yogajavlkya for a start, the ipads coming so perhaps it's time to download The Waste Land app for the long train journey. I have the Yoga Upanishads on the Kindle app, looking forward to reading them again and some Heidegger obviously. His Discourse on Thinking is coming with me, a tiny book but you probably need to be on a deserted mudflat to really get stuck into it. I have an idea that his use of Gelassenheit (releasement) might bring an interesting perspective on surrender. Will need to take some Eckhart I guess as it's kind of his usage that Heidegger is borrowing. Oh dear, book bag getting full already.

Book bag was getting full but managed to turn everything into pdf's and put them in ibooks. what with that and the Kindle app the ipad is all I'm taking.

Hotel has a small pool and it's walking distance form the beach so looking forward to swimming, Greece a couple of months ago reminded me how much I love to swim and I crave it now.

So will be away for a bit, no blogging though I might tweet or update FB occasionally (will put twitter back at the top of the blog).

Let you know how it went.


  1. This is a tremendous and worthy project, having a strictly VK blog. kudos!

    But in looking at your list of VK teachers, while I realize the teachers on that list are those who studied with Ramaswamiji in LA, there are many who have not done that program, yet have studied with him for years, as I have. You can read who they are in his Acknowledgement in the Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga, his first students in this practice.

    I first met Ramaswamiji in 2003 when he came to Chicago, where he still comes to the studio where I first certified as a teacher. I have been teaching the VK style since that time and continue to do so since I study yearly at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

    I just want to point out that there are many students of Ramaswamiji who teach in the VK style and use it as their personal practice, not just those who studied with him in LA.

    with metta.

  2. Hi Linda
    It's just the list from his website, have a word with him perhaps he'll come up with a fuller list which I'll be more than happy to put on here. Hadn't looked at it that carefully didn't realise it was just the LMU graduates.