Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The excitement of practice, the sheer joy of it.

Today's my day off and I'm just about to practice the Asymmetric sequence. I save this one for my Tuesday's as there are a lot of postures and being asymmetric you practicing everything on both sides,  the whole series twice, as it were.

I love this series. It's similar to Ashtanga primary but without the jump back it has a different meditative quality. Your spending a good twenty minutes on each side, slight variations of the postures, coming out, going in, long long stays. Then you do it all again on the other side. this feeling of calm just keeps building and building, even with your leg wrapped around your head.

Ramaswami, being Ramaswami suggests you just do what you can. If your pressed for time you can go subroutine by subroutine, perhaps the marichiyasana's, or the ardha padmasana ( half lotus ) and then move on to finishing.

It's my day off, I'm not pressed for time.

I can do the whole sequence.... on both sides.

Practice is so often a compromise, cutting back on standing or on finishing or the main sequences itself either that or your cutting back on your pranayama or meditation..... or sleep.

Not today, it's my day off.

So I can indulge myself in a long tadasana, bring in some of the triangle and one leg postures that I neglect. After the asymmetric, I can wallow in the inversions and then indulge in 80 glorious rounds of pranayama ..... and still have time for decent pratyahara and a long sit.

and chant, I can chant.

Practice is a privilege, long practices like today, especially so.

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