Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mingus: Excellent morning practice,

I think of this as a Mingus approach to practice, changing the tempo. Some of the subroutines I take relatively quickly (ashtanga tempo so not that quick), the Asymmetric subroutine's moving through them five breaths a posture, treating them as prep for the leg behind head postures in which I slow down the tempo ( what I'm thinking of as VK tempo), stay longer, elongate the breath before shifting back to  a slightly faster tempo for the seated sequence, slowing again at Dwi pada and yoga nidrasana and so on throughout the practice.
Different days I could slow the tempo for different postures treating them as prep postures one day, main event postures another . So one day Janu sirsasana could be a prep posture another day I could practice it as maha mudra and stay for ten breaths each leg.

10m short Tadasana subroutine
Sury namaskara's
Some Triangle and On one leg subroutines

Asymmetric subroutines leading to Leg behind head postures
Seated subroutines ( spread angle ) leading to Dwi pada sirsasana and Yoga Nidrasana

Bow sequence leading up to Viparita Salambhasana  and gandha Bherundasana
Ustrasana, Kapotasana, Eka pada raja kapotasana vinyasa's.

Long paschimottanasana
Badha konasana
Kandapindasa, yoga Dandasana work

Lotus subroutines


Loved this, little extra time to practice this morning but also tomorrow (Bank holiday) and Tuesday (day off)  so can play with this approach a little. Think I can get it down to 120 minutes which would make it a daily morning practice.

As with Ashtanga 2nd series I'm covering the areas I want to work on but with more VK flexibility for prep and development.

* Will come back to this post and add links to illustrate

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