Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Vinyasa Krama Practice Book available for download UPDATED 2

A little while ago, when going on holiday, I took all the Vinyasa Krama practice sheets from my VK sequences and subroutines blog/site and turned them into a sort of pdf book that I could open in ibooks on my iPad.

I've tidied it up a little and uploaded it to Google docs making it freely downloadable. It's no substitute for Ramaswami's book but it kind of works as cheat sheets when you on the mat and/or still becoming familiar with the sequences and subroutines.

There are still a few errors here and there and I've had to miss out a couple of postures to fit them onto the sheets but it's something to be going on with.

I've called it Grimmly's Vinyasa Karma Practice Book and it'll live in the Free to Download box over on the right of the blog, with Krishnamacharya's Yoga Makaranda and Ramaswami's volumes of Newsletters.

Feel free to download them if you think you'll find them useful and use them however you wish.

Just updated the book to include links to the appropriate sequence from the contents page. Thanks for the suggestion Steve.

Gone AWOL for a bit while I work on the subroutines section, the evening 20/20/20 practice on hold.
5 sequences down 5 more to go, hoping to have it finished around the weekend.


  1. Now this is unbelievable, I mean the previous four comments from earlier today ;)

  2. Something I've been meaning to do for a while, you guys gave me the push I needed, hope it's useful

  3. As always, a tremendous aid to home practice;

  4. Great G!!! love this, will look

  5. Thank you Anon.

    You like it Claudia. The first draft had the posters in it too but this seemed cleaner and easier to skip about. Want to add a page or two on the basics of VK practice and perhaps use the highlighter feature to box up the different subroutines. Then I need to redo all the page headings so they're all the same... and once that's done see about reshooting the whole ruddy thing. It's a start.

  6. this is great, Grimmly, thanks