Friday, 30 September 2011

SECOND EDITION of my Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book now available for download

I've just uploaded the 2nd Edition of my Vinyasa Krama Practice book, this is the edition with all the sequences broken up into individual subroutines. It's a big file so I'm keeping the 1st edition with just the full sequences up there in case anyone wants to download that section only.

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This is still very much a work in progress. It's taken forever to edit the subroutines so for the moment there's no accompanying notes although I have added some basic practice notes at the beginning of the book.

To stress again, this is NO substitute for Ramaswami's The complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga which goes into detail of breathing and transitions for each and every posture. This is just a 'mat book', a hopefully easier, quick viewing reminder of the sequences and subroutines.

For even more detail I highly recommend Ramaswami's other books, Yoga for the Three stages of Life and Yoga Beneath the Surface written with David Hurwitz.

I thought it would be a good idea to work through all the subroutines in my evening practice over the next month, couple of subroutines at a time then post them on the Vinyasa karma blog along with a couple of notes which I'll then add to the book at the end of the month. Gives an opportunity for questions and working out what would and wouldn't be so useful.

I also want to expand the pranayama and meditation sections, hopefully next month.

So what's New?

Here's the contents page to Part 2

Vinyasa Krama Subroutines
Videos at

On your feet subroutines
hasta vinyasas (arm movements)
parsva bhangis (side poses)
uttanasana (forward bend)
ardha utkatasana (half squat)
utkatasana (full squat)
malasana (golden belt) pasasana ( garland)
surya namaskara (sun salutation with mantra)

Triangle Subroutines
uttita trikonasana (simple side stretch)
parivritta trikonasana (twisting movements)
uttita parsvakonasana (side stretch)
parsva konasana (twisting movement)
virabhadrasana (warrior)
prasarita padottanasana (spread feet stretch)

On One leg Subroutines
bhagiratasana (named after sage)
vrikshasana (tree pose)
standing marichi 
uttita padangushtasana (stretched leg-arm)
virabharasana (warrior)
durvasasana (after sage)
natarajasana (dancing shiva)

Asymmetric Seated Subroutines
dandasana (staff pose)
marichyasana (after sage)
ardha padmasana (half lotus)
mahamudra (great seal)
akarnadhanurasana (archer) /krauchasana (heron)
ekapadasirsasana (leg behind head)
triyangmukha (bent back leg)
marichyasana (advanced)
bharadwajasana (sage) and Mahabandha (great lock)
matyendrasana (half and full)

Seated Posterior Subroutines
paschimatanasana (posterior stretch)
kurmasana (turtle and turtle in shell)
purvatanasana (anterior side stretch)
chatushpadapeetam (table pose)
navasana (boat) pashimpotasana (upward looking)
upavishta konasana (seated angle)
baddhakonasana and other seated postures

Bow Pose Subroutines
bow (lead in)
makrarasana (crocodile) and manduka (frog)
bhujangasana (cobra)
salabhasana (locust)
viparita salabhasana and bherundasana (sage)
dhanurasana (bow) and return sequence

Meditative Pose Subroutines
vajrasana (sage)
ushtrasana (camel) to kapotasana (pigeon)
virasana (hero's pose)
Camel walk

Supine Subroutines
lead sequence
tatakamudra (pond gesture)and belly twist
apanasana (pelvic floor pose )
dvipadapitam (desk pose)
madhyasetu and urdhvadhanurasana (bridge)
leg and arm lifts
supta padangushtasana (with reclining leg behind head)
jataraparivritti (stomach teist)
sarvangasana (shoulderstand) preparation sequence
sarvangasana (shoulderstand) lead sequence
akunchanasana (contraction)
halasana (plough)
urdhva konasana (upside down triangle)
urdhva padmasana (upsidedown lotus)
niralamba sarvangasana (unsupported shoulderstand)
halasana-uttana mayurasana (plough to peacock)
sarvangasana-mandala (circular ambulation in plough)
karnapidasana (closed ear pose)

Inverted Subroutines
headstand lead in 1 (bent legs)
headstand lead in 2 (straight legs)
sirsasana vinyasas (headstand variations)
sirsasana padmasana (headstand lotus)
viparita dandasana (crooked staff)
headstand arm variations

Lotus Subroutines
ardhapadmasana (half lotus)
padmasana (lotus)
baddha padmasana (bound lotus)
urdhwa mukha padmasana ( upward facing lotus)
urdhwa padmasana (lifted lotus)
simhasana (lion face)
bharawadjasana (sage) and utpluthi (lift)
garbhapindasana (fetus in womb)
padmasana arm balancing pose

misc. arm balances

Jumb back and through library
vinyasa krama jump back
Vinyasa karma jump through
crossed leg jump through and back
high crossed leg jump through
straight leg jump through
bent back leg jump through
half lotus jump through
full lotus jump back
full lotus jump back (from behind)
full lotus jump through
marichyasana jump back
dandasana lift and jump back
leg behind head jump back

Winding down
meditation and pranayama postures
hand mala for counting (version 1)
hand mala for counting (version 2)
pranayama -nadi shodana
pratyahara postures

Developing a practice
Ashtanga primary series broken down into VK subroutines


  1. wow! truly a work of reference art that will come to be a yoga classic-it's already at the top of my list of yoga tomes.

    Much Gratitude-s

  2. Sharon, your very kind but I don't think I'll be giving Iyengar's Light on yoga a run for his money just yet...besides Ramaswami did all the hard work with his book. Do you have his Yoga for the three stages of life, i think it's his best, a real treasure trove.
    But thank you though, made my day ; )

  3. I do have all of Ramaswami's books and Iyengar's and quite a few books from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and love them all, but have always needed more explict help with actually forming a home practice. This really adds a lot of clarity for me-how to get from one part of practice to next-I'm the type that needs a bit of help focussing and this really does the trick. (the videos are great for focus, too.) Thanks, again-s

  4. Thank you Sharon, really happy you find it useful. I plan on updating it monthly and in the next update hope to have hyperlinks to the videos from the subroutine titles. Also want to have more on constructing a practicehave a lot of material buried in the blogs, need to fish it out. Oh and some chants, forgot to put the pranayama chant in as well as the Ganesha/patamjali and peace chant I tend to use. Still loads to do.
    Just started a series of posts on all the subroutines, a new one every day, hope to post it this evening.