Monday, 26 September 2011

Vinyasa karma practice book. Any suggestions for 2nd edition?

I'm working on the 2nd edition of my Vinyasa karma practice book.

The subroutines are all done, a little over 80 of them, just have to title them all now add a few practice notes. Also need to add some basic Vinyasa Krama practice guidelines at the beginning of the book then it should be ready to be put up on Google docs for download, probably in a couple of days.

The idea is to have, the practice guidelines followed by the full sequences, that'll make up Part 1. Part 2 will have all the subroutines from the sequences divided up like the one over on the left. I'm going to add hyperlinks that will link to the video's on the sister blog and probably include a couple of notes for each sequence, thinking a text box below the sequence, couple of bullet points.

Just added a bunch of jump back routines, from the standard Vinyasa karma jump through to the half and full lotus as well as the straight, bent leg and leg behind head jump throughs, there's also a page on arm balances.

As I've said this is no substitute for Ramaswami's book but rather a mat book, something to give us a quick visual reminder of the running order of the sequences/subroutines, a book of cheat sheets..

Was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions, anything else they'd like to see included before I upload it. Was hoping to add the Ashtanga Primary series and use that as an example of how sequences can be linked together as well as some my own approaches to linking sequences,that might have to wait for the 3rd edition though. Thinking too about including Pranayama, the way of counting the rounds on one hand, pranayama mantrsa etc.

If you don't want to put your suggestions in the comments you can email me grimmly2007 and that's at google (.com)


  1. Hi Grimmly,
    I think it would be very useful having next each pose or picture a very brief instruction about whether that particular pose has to be hold or repeated and for how long. Something like "3-6 br." or "3 X" to mean respectively "hold for 3 to 6 breaths" and "repeat 3 times".

    Thank you for your efforts,



  2. Giulio's idea is great; always wondering how long to be holding and if I should be holding breath or not; breathing instructions would be helpful.(can't imagine how much more exhaustive you could make this very helpful guide.)

  3. Giulio, Sharonaha, hi, thanks for the comment/suggestions. one of the things I'm keen to do is show that Vinyasa Krama isn't as complicated as it seems. I think Ramaswami's approach in his book is excellent but it can make it seem complicated and difficult to follow when your actually on the mat.
    I'm hoping to keep the practice guidelines as clear and simple as possible. Almost all the postures/vinyasa can be repeated and most can be held for 3-6 breaths ( I tend to hold almost everything for five breaths just because I'm used to Ashtanga). There are a couple of postures where Ramaswami recommends longer stays, I plan on pointing those out.

    I'm thinking of having the sequence laid out as in the first picture above and then add a text box below with a couple of bullet points with anything unusual.

  4. Thanks! Looking forward to this.