Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 15 Vinyasa Krama subroutine practice notes :Parasarita padottanasana subroutine Triangle sequence

  • Stretch up out of the pelvis
  • As with the forward bends in the On the feet subroutines this posture is all about the hips. Think more about bringing the hips over and down.
  • Keep the feet facing forward to protect the knees
  • Engage mula bandha for stability, visualise a weight on a chain dropping to the mat from your perineum. as you take your hips over imaging your mull bandha and uddiyana bandha trying to raise the weight, pulling up on the chain as you bring your hips over.
  • Stick your backside out/back
  • Draw in your uddiyana bandha, your belly back and up to give more room for the final fold as your head reaches the mat between your feet.
  • Engage the bandhas before raising back up on the inhalation 
  • Don't rush it, take a tip from the earlier subroutines, enter the pose hands to the floor on the exhalation and come up on the inhalation , then go a little deeper with each breath.
  • Try it with the wall a foot behind you so you know you won't topple backwards.
  • The twist (pic 5 +6 ) is tricky here's a similar action from seated. Watch the video( link under practice sheet), if I'm going to the right leg I'll take my right arm over to my left hip as fold/lean/twist towards my right foot, taking my left arm over in front of my fact to grab the outside of my left foot. Now reach for the inside of the left foot with the palm of your right hand and twist as if to bring your chest through your arms. 

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