Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 20 Vinyasa Krama subroutine practice notes : Virabhadrasana (warrior) subroutine On one leg sequence

This is the similar to the final vinyasas of the virabhadrasana subroutine from the triangle sequnece


We aim to stay in each position for three long steady breaths.

Ramaswami has us bend our knees slightly and lower the trunk, then from the bent leg position we raise the leg

As with parsva konasana the raising of the leg comes from the hip

Keep the standing leg bent as you stretch out the leg and arms

Visualise a rope on you wrist and on your raised ankle stretching you.

Now straighten the leg on the inhalation 

Focus on bandhas to help keep your steady and fix your gaze on a point on the mat.

Again, to raise the leg higher for the final position, raise from the hip.

As with Day 12, Utthita parsva konasana, we need to protect our knee as we straighten and bend the leg

Use the back of a chair in the beginning  if necessary,

Don't go down too low at first.


  1. Appreciate immensely the subroutines being presented day-by-day like this; have tried postures I have hardly ever been aware of.


  2. Thank you Sharon glad your enjoying them. Doing them day by day is probably the only way I'll get through them, trying not to think that there's still seven sequences to go, think it'll take till Christmas to finish them. I'm enjoying it though, keep finding things I've missed to forgotten.