Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 47 : Bow : Salabhasana (locust) subroutine from Vinyasa Krama Bow sequence


Regular Salabhasana

As Day 46 (Asymmetric Salabhasana ), There's a tendency to lift the leg from the foot but activate the buttock and begin to lift from the head of the femur itself rotating it up in the hip socket, along with the thigh, the knee the calf and the foot, lift the whole leg.

Stretch through the length of the leg

At the end of the inhalation give the hip a little nudge upwards while pushing the other hip into the mat.

As with the leg, rather than just lifting the arm stretch right through the arm from the shoulder to the hand

Stretch through both the arm and the leg, tho seems to make them lighter as if they want to float up.

In all these postures stretch through the back lifting out of the pelvis to give space for the arch of the back.

Ground the pelvis into the mat.

Viparita Salabhasana VIDEO LINK

In the Vinyasa Krama version of this posture the hands are clapped together under the groin.

We can begin to explore this posture by placing a towel under our shoulders to take some of the pressure of out throat, which can feel strange and uncomfortable in the beginning.

It's possible to take the legs up together, in the video i walk the legs in as far as possible and then push off with one leg while leading with the other.

As you legs go up the back will need to arch to catch the feet at the top of the ark.

Stretch firmly through the whole length of the legs from the pelvis to the toes.

Keep the legs straight and take the feet  beyond the head to find a point of balance where the weight of the feet counteracts the weight of the pelvis

Press the full length of the arm firmly into the mat

There is the fear of flipping over, although this is highly unlikely in Viparita Salabhasana you may wish to practice near a wall as in the video. (This will also allow you the option of walking down the wall when beginning to work on the next posture Gandha Bherundasana.

Here's a link to a video showing the use of the towel

Gandha Bherundasana VIDEO LINK

In this challenging posture a development of Viparita salabhasana we seek to bring the fee to the head. This may take some time to achieve.

The trick is to drop the hips  to bring the feet lower

We also need to create more of an arch in the back. To do this take your feet further beyond your head in Viprita Salabhasana, the increased counterweight will allow you to drop your chest a little lower towards the mat creating a deeper backbend.

The temptation is to bring the feet in towards the head by bending at the knee but try to stretch through the full length of your legs as you bend at the knee.

The tendency is to focus on the lower half of the body but still try to stretch through the full length of the spine as if your still lifting out of the pelvis. Although the upper body won't move it will seem to create space in the spine and sacrum allowing your to arch the back more comfortably.

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