Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 48 : Bow : Dhanurasana ( bow ) subroutine from Vinyasa Krama Bow sequence


Asymmetric Dhanurasana
Get a grip during exhalation
Pause for a breath
Pull in your leg on the next inhalation
Relax on the exhalation
Repeat three to six times
Pause for a breath after the final exhalation

Reach back and catch both legs on the exhalation
Drawin in the legs on the inhalation
Relax on the exhalation
Repeat three to six times.

Ideally the feet knees, thighs will stay together although in the beginning it's acceptable if not preferable to allow them to to be a few inches apart.

Drishti (gaze) look straight ahead.


Engage Mula and uddiyana bandha, imagine there is a pea beneath you belly that you are trying not to squab by daring in your belly throughout.

Rather than lifting for the leg or pulling in there is a stretching through the whole body. Because the hand and foot are bound this stretch arches the back and lifts the chest and leg.

drop the shoulder blades down the back  to allow the chest to lift more easily and to relax the neck.

In the asymmetric version, ground the whole trailing leg pressing into the mat from the hip to the toes

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