Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 79 : INVERTED : Upavishta konasana ( inverted triangle) subroutine from Vinyasa Krama Inverted sequence


See  Day 77 for general headstand practice guidelines.


We stay in urdhava konasana for six long inhalations and exhalations allowing us plenty of time to deepen the posture.

Spread the legs wide and allow gravity to widen them further for the first couple of breaths

Rotate the thighs outward and allow the legs to widen a little further with gravity.

Try tensing the muscles of the thighs for one or two long breath and relaxing them for the next allowing them to widen still further with gravity

Twists (pictures 3&4)

Stretch out through the length of both legs

Twist on the exhalation

Press the opposite elbow from the direction your twisting firmly into the mat to maintain balance and stability.

Urdhva badha konasana

We stay in bahda konasana for six long inhalations and exhalations also, allowing time to deepen the posture.

Bend the knees and bring the feet together for the first couple of breaths.

Fot the final breaths press the heels together and on the exhalation, working from the hips , open the knees laterally like opening a book.

Relax on the inhalation, maintaining the stretch  but press into the heels once more on the exhalation while rotating the femur head in the hip joint further and allowing the knees to open wider.

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